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Completion of New Forensic Interview Room for Bryan

It is with great excitement and appreciation that we announce the completion of the new forensic interview space at the Bryan Police Department. Due to the generosity of several local community members, the forensic interview room was able to be completed mid-April and is now able to provide a safe, child-friendly and home-like atmosphere for interviewing children who may have experienced abuse or who have witnessed a crime or other violent act in Williams County.

This project truly would not have been possible without the generosity of our community! A great thank you to the following donors:

Amy Boothman

Bob & Becky Kimble

Connie Salusbury

Current Office Solutions

Deidre Whitman

Doug Cargle

ElliAnn's Boutique

Fountain City Veterinary Hospital

Heather Dietrich

Kevin Aschliman

Mary Wishnewitz

Wal-Mart #2191

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