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Services Provided

At Sarah's Friends, we understand the profound challenges survivors and their families face in the wake of crisis.  That's why our continuum of programs, from urgent emergency aid to nurturing aftercare services, is designed with compassion and empathy at its core.  We strive to provide a supportive framework that shields and uplifts, guiding individuals and families through the chaos of crisis toward the comforting stability of community. 
All of Sarah's Friends' programs are guided by the following trauma-informed core principles and values:
  • We promote safety, well-being, and justice for all survivors of crime in Williams County while respecting all survivor's rights to self-direction and control over their own lives.
  • We are accountable to those who are or were victimized and are committed to listening to their voices and using their expertise to guide our work. 
  • ​We declare that people who victimize, not victims, are accountable for their abusive behavior.
  • We are committed to facilitating changes necessary to end oppression and violence within ourselves, and written economic, social, and political systems.
  • We are committed to advancing the community's responsibility for stopping the violence. 
  • We are committed to providing comprehensive, survivor-centered advocacy across systems of care. 
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Crisis Intervention

Rapid Rehousing Assistance

Case Management

Peer Support



Emergency Financial Assistance

Transitional Housing

Our Services


Crisis Intervention

At Sarah's Friends, our hearts are deeply invested in reaching out to survivors facing crises stemming from crime in Williams County, Ohio.  We approach each encounter with sensitivity and empathy, prioritizing the dignity of every individual while upholding values of protection and safety. 

Throughout our crisis intervention services, we recognize the profound importance of safety planning, understanding it as a pivotal step toward empowerment and healing for survivors. 

In our commitment to comprehensive care, we employ lethality assessments to better understand the survivor's needs and vulnerabilities.  These assessments not only help us tailor our interventions appropriately, but also shed light on subtle or hidden forms of abuse within relationships.  Moreover, they equip survivors with essential skills to safeguard themselves in the future, fostering a sense of strength and resiliency amidst adversity. 



At Sarah's Friends, advocacy is seen as both a voice and action for oneself or others in need.  Our program operates on a victim-defined approach, fostering a partnership between the advocate and the survivor.  Here, the survivor leads the way, directing the advocacy process according to their needs and wishes. 

Through advocacy, our advocates offer multifaceted support to survivors.  This includes ensuring that survivors' rights are respected, providing emotional support and guidance, attending meetings or discussions that affect the services received, and aiding survivors in communicating effectively with service providers.  Our aim is to empower survivors, allowing them to navigate their journey with confidence and assurance. 


Case Management

The core objective of case management at Sarah's Friends is to connect survivors with essential resources to address immediate needs and then expand support to tackle secondary concerns.  This service is available to all survivors of crime, irrespective of whether they're utilizing other program offerings. 

Case management begins with our dedicated staff assisting survivors in assessing their needs, identifying goals, and recognizing strengths and assets that can help achieve those goals.  We work collaboratively with survivors to establish both short-term and long-term objectives.  Once goals are defined by the survivor, our staff presents them with available resources and supports their autonomy in choosing the path to reach those goals.  We prioritize offering options and guidance, respecting the survivor's agency and preferences every step of the way. 


Emergency Financial Assistance

Emergency Financial Assistance at Sarah's Friends serves as a vital lifeline during times of urgent need, offering one-time support to address immediate health and safety concerns.  This assistance covers a range of essentials, including short-term emergency accommodations in hotels when shelters are full, access to food, gasoline, phones or phone cards, repairs for broken windows and doors, replacement locks, security cameras, prescription medication (especially when insurance coverage is unavailable), clothing, and court filing fees related to child safety. 

Moreover, financial aid extends to covering survivor expenses stemming from victimization, preventing further distress and hardship.  These expenses may include car payments, utilities, or insurance costs that the survivor is unable to manage in the short term due to their victimization, helping to prevent additional crises for the survivor.  At Sarah's Friends, we recognize the importance of providing timely and compassionate support to alleviate the burden on survivors during their journey to healing and recovery. 


Rapid Rehousing Assistance

The goal of Rapid Rehousing Assistance at Sarah's Friends is to empower survivors to secure or maintain a safe living environment and regain independence away from their abuser.  This program is designed to offer short-term rental and utility subsidies, accompanied by personalized case management support, to survivors in Williams County who are experiencing homelessness due to various circumstances:

  • Seeking safe housing to escape a dangerous partner and leave their housing

  • Facing eviction from their residence due to the destructive or criminal behavior of their abuser (such as property damage, harassment of the landlord, failure to pay rent, or causing disturbances). 

  • Unable to afford to stay in their current residence after the abuser is removed through eviction or public safety efforts. 

At Sarah's Friends, we understand the critical importance of providing assistance to survivors as they navigate the challenging path towards establishing a secure and independent life free from abuse. 


Transitional Housing Assistance

For over a decade, Sarah's Friends' Transitional Housing Assistance program has been a beacon of hope, offering longer-term housing and supportive services to individuals and families affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.  These services play a vital role in the continuum of care for those enduring victimization, providing a crucial steppingstone toward safety and self-sufficiency for families who have experienced homelessness due to these traumas.

Our Transitional Housing Assistance program offers family apartments for survivors and their dependents, providing a safe haven for a minimum of six (6) months, with the possibility of extensions up to 24 months.  Through personalized supportive services, we empower survivors to rebuild their lives, enhancing employment prospects, fostering economic stability, and honing skills in financial planning, family budgeting, and effective home management. 

At Sarah's Friends, we believe in fostering a nurturing environment for healing and growth.  All our units are fully furnished and pet-friendly, ensuring that survivors and their families feel supported and welcomed as they embark on their journey towards a brighter future. 


Peer Support

We acknowledge that the path to healing is not always straightforward and that the journey of recovery takes time.  We also recognize the challenges survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault face in processing their trauma. 

At Sarah's Friends, our primary aim is to cultivate a safe and supportive environment for survivors.  Through our support group, we endeavor to create a community where survivors can find solace, strength, and empowerment.  Together, we strive to foster growth, celebrate survivor resilience, and facilitate the healing process. 

What can you expect from our support group? You can expect a space where you can share your story with others who understand, reclaim your voice, and learn strategies for moving forward.  Our sessions provide opportunities to explore new coping mechanisms, identify signs of abuse, cultivate healthy relationships, and rediscover your sense of self.  Courage to Heal invites participants to approach the group with openness and a willingness to engage with their whole self-mind, body, and soul-as we embark on this journey together. 



Community education plays a vital role in raising awareness about domestic violence and other crimes within our community.  By sharing Sarah's Friends' mission, we aim to address the needs of those who have experienced harm.  Additionally, community education serves as a valuable resource for external agencies, providing information on crime-related issues and available resources for those in need. 

Through outreach efforts, our staff works to connect survivors with essential services through case management and provides accurate resource information to individuals and agencies in the community.  Sarah's Friends prioritizes sharing information with agencies that can help identify survivors and offer necessary services to support them.  We disseminate information through various channels, including presentations, meetings, social media, website updates, and providing literature upon request.  Our goal is to ensure that community members in Williams County, Ohio, are informed about crime and the services available through our organization, fostering a supportive network for survivors and those in need. 

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"Sarah's Friends helped me get an apartment for my children and I to live when we needed it most.  It was a blessing! We are taking things day by day and life is much better!."
-Anonymous survivor

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