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Renovation Complete for 4th Transitional Housing Unit

Sarah's Friends' Transitional Housing Assistance program has delivered longer-term housing and supportive services to individuals and families affected by domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking for over a decade. These services provide a crucial link in the continuum of care for those experiencing victimization, as transitional housing provides a critical steppingstone towards safety and self-sufficiency for families who have become homeless as a result of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking. Transitional housing assistance provides family apartments for survivors and their dependents for a minimum of six months with possible extensions up to twenty-four months. Supportive services are aimed at self-empowerment, improved employment potential, increased opportunities for economic stability, strengthened skills in financial planning, family budgeting, and effective home management. All units are fully furnished and pet-friendly, allowing families in need to enter this program with limited obstacles.

Since 2016, Sarah's Friends has undergone a renovation process of all organization-owned apartment units utilized for transitional housing assistance. The first unit, unit 104, kicked off phase one of this renovation process with it's full transformation completed in 2016 by Bob Sauder with Retired Handyman Construction.

The second phase was completed in 2019 through the renovation of unit 110. Again, Bob Sauder turned a shabby two-bedroom apartment into a calming oasis for families fleeing violence.

Phase three completed in 2022 through the renovation of unit 114 from Gary Hageman. The smallest of the four units had many obstacles that made this renovation a challenge, but resulted in a beautiful fresh space for families to find refuge in.

Last but not least, unit 112 completed the final phase of this renovation project with its' renovation completed in August 2023. As Gary Hageman stated, this unit was a labor of love, and I think it shows.

We couldn't have achieved this needed project completion without the late Bob Sauder, Gary Hageman, the Bryan Area Foundation, CHWC Employee Philanthropy Program, Bryan AmVets, and many generous other who donated materials, time, and funds to help bring this project to fruition. To say that we are blessed is an understatement, and we are proud to provide comfortable, welcoming apartment units through this program to families in need in Williams County.

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