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VictimsVoice: Giving Victims a Legal Voice

Imagine the opportunity for a victim to have the ability to document what is happening to them. Imagine them storing all the details of their movements, abuse, and people involved, including photos, geolocation, date, and time stamps. With the VictimsVoice application, victims can do just that. It allows them to #Record2Remember so when the trauma makes their memory fuzzy or scares them into silence, their voice can still be heard.

8 out of 10 domestic violence cases are dismissed due to a lack of evidence and victims being too scared to testify.

Attorneys and well-intending people tell victims to "document everything" but not everything is admissible as evidence. In fact, most of what is collected and documented does not meet the criteria as evidence and won't be allowed in court. VictimsVoice makes sure survivors collect the RIGHT details in the RIGHT way so they have an increased chance of getting a solid protective order, presenting evidence needed in custody hearings, aide investigators in building a stronger case, and assisting prosecutors to more effectively and appropriately hold their abuser accountable.

It's built to meet HIPAA, VAWA, VOCA, and FVSPA regulations, ensuring the most strict privacy and security standards are upheld.

Click here to view the VictimsVoice Overview video.

This unique app is not available through any app store, however it is accessible from ANY device, ANYtime, from ANYwhere with nothing to download and nothing to be discovered. This application allows victims to record each incident of their abuse. It encrypts their data, stores it off-device permanently, and meets the strictest legal standards of court admissibility. Using any computer or mobile device, they can:

  • Tell their story in open-ended text fields

  • Answer guided questions to gather crucial information

  • Add/upload images to their account (then delete them from any discoverable device)

  • Assign a Journal Designee in the event the user becomes deceased or medically incapacitated

  • Denote a Records Recipient to forward a legally-admissible report

A one-year subscription to VictimsVoice costs survivors $39.95/year. Due to a grant received by Sarah's Friends from the Williams County Commissioners through the Maumee Valley Planning Organization, Sarah's Friends was able to purchase 25 yearly subscriptions to have available to serve 25 survivors seeking a safe way to document their abuse.

If you or someone you know could benefit from this new service, please contact Sarah's Friends at 419-636-7272.

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