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Happy Independence Day from Sarah's Friends

Each year on July 4th, Americans celebrate the ideals of freedom, equality, liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness. Sarah's Friends along with many other crime victim programs nationwide continue to ensure that victims of domestic violence and other crime can enjoy equal access to the justice, freedom, and dignity promised to our nation.

"Suffering in an abusive relationship is the opposite of freedom and independence. Survivors who face violent and controlling partners simple cannot fully participate in our democratic system and pursue happiness," said Kim Gandy, President and CEO of the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV). "As we celebrate this weekend, we acknowledge our country's ongoing work to break down the barriers to freedom, justice, safety, and equality for all. Every day, we work on issues at the heart of individual freedom and safety. Today, we celebrate the survivors who have begun to live lives free from abuse and degradation and vow to keep working for those who remain trapped by violence and fear."

Sarah's Friends couldn't have said it better than Gandy. Freedom, safety, and equal rights go hand-in-hand. Join Sarah's Friends today to help create a safer future for all Americans. Happy Independence Day!

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